Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hey Guys,
The poverty here is incredible, the need here is big. If you have a bike here, you are considered rich. I've bought 5 bikes so far and given 2 of them away already. All of the kids clothes have holes in them and some don't wear clothes and their shoes are not good at all. Not many kids even have shoe's. The have many cuts from falling down. And there are alot of disease here. It's hard to believe. Bye for now.

Hi everybody, this is Sue, Jaako's mom now. Jaako says it great when he says it is hard to believe. The need here is bigger than I ever imagined. We went to a small market place and handed out some candies and Bags of Hope to the children there and they were just amazed. At 2 other markets we started handing out gum and sweets and we were literally mobbed by the children. We were pushed back against the vehicles by the kids trying to grab the bag and crying Madam or Boy Please!!! Give me some!! It was horrific. All for candy. Every where we go we are asked for money. By all ages, not just the children. The market places are the worst. You try to buy from every one just so they can have a next meal!! I'm coming home with lots of African carvings and bowls!!!! But they all beg you to buy, some have not eaten that day and need a sale. Some of course use that to make the sale. You kind of get to know who is being sincere or not. The Malawians can't lie. If they are smiling big - they are not telling you the truth!!! Please pray for us as we try to help people. The need is so great and our funds are sooooo small in comparison - we hate being the ones to decide who gets and who doesn't. Sometimes God tells ones of us very strongly to buy something so we do. We bought 57 shoes for a small village because they were mostly bare footed there!!! Thanks for your prayers and support and can't wait to come home and share with all of you our pictures and stories. God Bless you!!!! Love, Sue

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