Sunday, January 28, 2007

Muli Bwangi (How are you)

Moni (Hello)

Today when we went to a chief's house to eat some good Malawian food, these kids from the village wanted to see me. So we let the kids into the yard, which really isn't that much room and I told them 3 bible stories and played tag with them. It was wonderful. And most of them asked Jesus into their hearts for the very first time, including one man who had snuck in. And the man thanked me very very much for telling him about Jesus. I feel so happy for him.

Zikomo (Thank-you)



Clint said...

Hey guys
I shared in church today all about my experience. Everyone cheered when Jaako talked about the Habs. And they loved the slideshow and recorded worship from the first church we visited. I told everyone to continue to pray for you.

See you soon.


Saija said...

awww, that is wonderful ...

just think, heaven rejoices when even one soul is saved ... you've created a heavenly party this day!


Kellie said...

Awesome Jaako! You are fulling God's plan for you beautifully. You worked to meet their physical needs and gained the privilege of meeting their spiritual needs. Clint showed us some pictures and told some amazing things about what is happening in Malawi. He didn't tell us everything. He said he was leaving some for you to tell us. Can't wait! God Bless! We are praying for you!

Nancy said...

Hey Jaako,

How are you?? Erika, Nikolas, Tiia and I all are so proud of you and we miss you. God Bless you and make sure you call us as soon as you get home to tell us all about it in your own words, can't wait to talk to you sweetie....

Auntie Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaako! Things sound like they are going great over there! That is so amazing that you are able to bring people to Jesus! May God continue to strengthen you and shine through you to everyone you meet there.
Can't wait to hear your many stories.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaako,
This is your classmate Kylee speaking.
How is malawi?
Do they have different names then over here?
We are so proud of you,