Monday, August 16, 2010

More from me

Wow I am so extremely happy to be going of on safari, but before any of that I will recap my trip in much more detail. We started of the trip in Lilongwe working with Steve and Ephraim handing out bags of hope and giving bags of food to the villages! Afterwards we went to Palm Beach in Mongochi where we made a day trip to chikulo to look at schools Unga1 and 2 where we saw great improvement with the money we put in at one school, but the other was quiet disappointing for they did not use the money at all. Who can guess which school gets money this trip..........if you guessed the one that used our money for the school you are absolutely right! After that we went to visit Ritas school. At Rita`s school we were in awe on how much work she has put into her project in the last two years, therefore we gave much money to continue buying work material for the upcoming school year. After an amazing stay at Palm Beach we were sad to have to head out of the beautifal city of Mongochi. Now we were visiting many of Catherines projects in Mongochi but now we went to visit more in Blantyre were we were just more amazed with what Catherine was doing. we then went to visit Sam in Salima where we saw some great things being done but now we are back in Lilongwe getting ready to for safari oh boy this trip has gone by fast!!!!! I feel like I have been through so much this trip for I have already had two infections. Here is the story, In Palm Beach I popped a bracket on my braces. We then had to go to a Malawian Orthodontist where he glued a new bracket on but caused a new problem by putting the wire so its poking in to my gum which was extremely painful so just a few days ago we went to a dentist who used to live in Canada EH!? Who cut my wire and healed my sore which was very infected because the wire drilled a hole in my gum I felt so relieved until after when I realised my mosquito bite was getting infected so we put some antibiotics on thinking it would help until, two days later it was the size of a boil and extremely, extremely painful that it almost had me in tears the squeezing, it was so bad that at first it was Okay but there was so much puss I had to make them stop and go to the clinic where he froze it then squeesed a tonn more puss out...ouch!!!!!!!!!!now all the puss is out but I am still in extreme pain.

Now of to Safari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow has been quiet difficult to get internet access on this trip so here is a quick recap........Once we left Lilongwe we went to mongochi and visited tracies and catherines projects before we left for blantyre where we went to visit more of Catherines then we left for Salima to visit Sams is late at night and I need to get to bed so I will write much more tommorow
         Until tommorow,

Monday, August 02, 2010

Last day in Lilongwe

Tommorow is our last day Lilongwe. We have had so much fun so far helping the children and speaking to the adults!!!!! We are also very excited to go of into mongochi, chikulo area. Where help is most needed. We have already handed out 516 bags of hope!!!!! Which is amazing!!!! We have yet to start our journey so there is not much to say. Although we are extremely excited we are very tired from the travel. We have much sleep to catch up on, yet very very happy to be here.

     I will write there is more to say but for now have a great summer,


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wow I can not believe we have finally landed in the beautifal land of Malawi, the warm heart of Africa! I feel so blessed to be back with the warm hearted people. On the first day of travel we went to Toronto, then the plane was over night to London. After we spent the day in London we took another overnight to Nairobi Kenya, then that trouble came, first the plane was layed over one hour, then again another hour,after that there was a problem with the luggage that took over another hour,and continually problems erupted. We finally landed in Lilongwe......4 HOURS LATE!!!!!!!!!! Anyways that did not matter because we were back in the magnificant country, and that was all that mattered. The first day came and all we did was relax for we could not leave the guest house, for we arrived too late in the day to go shopping for supplies. Sadly we still have not had time to exchange our money into kwacha, so yesterday we just did some meeting dear friends. Now today we have gone to area 25 church for the sunday morning service and handed out many bags of hope!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterwards we went to eat at Ephriam`s house.........So far I have had extreme fun! But the fun has yet to start............. It is still the begining........we still have a long trip ahead of us......All I have left to say is ........I am so so so so happy to be back in Malawi

I will right soon,

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wow I can not wait for Malawi, it has come so quickly I know that this trip will be a great success! This trip we will be traveling as a team of four; my mom,my sister,Hannah Wilson, and myself, and we plan on educating, feeding, and blessing the people of Malawi. Through visiting villages with Mick and Tracy as well as Steve and Ephraim. I beleive we are slowly making a differance in long term care for malawi. Which I beleive is great! We are also about 1/8 of the way to my goal of $800 000 dollars we beileve that through education we can change anything. We believe this because education is the key to a  well self sustained country. Which is essential to change a country from poverty. I believe we can provide this to such a magnificant country filled with amazing people, My heart is set on making a change in Malawi and this third trip is still just the beginning to a process on changing a third world country to a wealthier country. Malawi can then influence other african nations and hopefully help change africa in general!

I will write to you soon while I am in Malawi, in the mean time everyone have a great summer, for I know I will,

                                               Jaako Polkki

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming very soon!!!!!!!

Wow I can not believe how quickly Malawi is coming up. Only one and a half months until we will go and help Malawi. I can`t wait, it has been so long since our last trip, over two years!!!!!!! PLEASE COME TO OUR PANCAKE BREAKFAST AND YARD SALE because we want to bring as much money as possible to this poor nation,
I will write again soon as our trip quickly approaches,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to Malawi

I am very excited! For we are going back to Malawi this summer, our tickets are booked to
leave July 28th, and will be back August 23th. Me and the team are very excited to see everyone
we met the first two trips! Not to mention the gorgeous country it`s self, this trip my mom and I
are bringing my sister and a family friend Hannah.
This trip we plan on focusing mostly on education because we believe education is the key
to changing a country. We focus by trying to hand out as many notebooks and pencils possible
as well as retro fitting schools, putting a dear Malawian friend through medical school and
also two boys we met, through public school.

I will write to you soon, thank you for your support,

Jaako Polkki