Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wow I can not wait for Malawi, it has come so quickly I know that this trip will be a great success! This trip we will be traveling as a team of four; my mom,my sister,Hannah Wilson, and myself, and we plan on educating, feeding, and blessing the people of Malawi. Through visiting villages with Mick and Tracy as well as Steve and Ephraim. I beleive we are slowly making a differance in long term care for malawi. Which I beleive is great! We are also about 1/8 of the way to my goal of $800 000 dollars we beileve that through education we can change anything. We believe this because education is the key to a  well self sustained country. Which is essential to change a country from poverty. I believe we can provide this to such a magnificant country filled with amazing people, My heart is set on making a change in Malawi and this third trip is still just the beginning to a process on changing a third world country to a wealthier country. Malawi can then influence other african nations and hopefully help change africa in general!

I will write to you soon while I am in Malawi, in the mean time everyone have a great summer, for I know I will,

                                               Jaako Polkki