Saturday, January 20, 2007

Everything is going good

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Hey there guys, everything has just been great. We have just gone to the store and bought all our maize, sugar, rice, oil and salt. This is the stuff we are going to be giving to the families We have just met two pastors. They are great people of God. I’m really looking forward to going into the village tomorrow. When we went to market where they just sell little things that they made, they’d all come up to you and they would never leave you and they would tell you to buy this. And they say they will give it to you for a good price.

Friday, January 19, 2007
(Hey guys, this is Sue, Jaako’s mom, we apologize but it is very difficult to get an internet connection here so this entry contains two days. This is an amazing country with beauty and hard-ache all rolled into one. The need is so great. Beyond our small hands. The Malawians are beautiful people with very warm hearts and ready smiles. We will try in the next few days upload a picture onto the blog. Please partner with us in prayer as we visit village to village. We experience the greatest joy and the greatest sadness within minutes of each other.)

(Jaako) We have gone to two churches now. They worship beautifully! They pray to God, they sing and they dance. And I told a couple bible stories, and it worked out pretty well. And when they got the Ziploc bags, they were very happy. Not only were we only able to help the children, we were able to help the whole church. We bought 5 bags of maize (50kg each), one bag of rice (25 kg) , oil, sugar and salt for them to share. We bought one of the pastors a bike and there is four still stored at the Jonats. Here are many many differences. Everything is opposite how they function things. Like lights, fans, how you drive and other things. It was just so cool going to the churches. Bye for now.

From Jaako


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that everything is going well! I can't wait to hear more stories and see some pictures too!
Praying for you guys!


Anonymous said...

you guys are amazing. I know that this trip will change you and make you want to change the world even more and I will always be here to help any way that I can.


Anonymous said...

I know that you are such a blessing to each person and soul that you touch across the nation. May you envision the 'ripple' effect that you will have in your endeavors! Look forward to every bit of information that you post!
Love you guys! Kathy

Saija said...

i have been wondering if you got there and how things are going ... may God continue to bless others through you ... and also to make this an experience that shapes your life for God and His world!


MITCHELL P. said...

jaako hope the people of Malawi LOVE
the things your are doing for them.
I bet ya that they think your are there saviour(bacause you are)
Keep up all yuor good work!!!


Rita said...

Praying for God to bless you and all of those you minister to. You are a blessing in His sight.

St.Brenard Student said...

Hey it all sounds so interesting its so awesome what you are foing

St.Bernard student said...

we are all really excited to have you come back to school and share you experiences with us!!!!!1