Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thoughts about Malawi

Today we were at Starbucks and we bought a couple snacks and a coffee and a hot chocolate and we were joking around that the hot chocolate cost so much money and it only costs $1.35. So then when we started to think about it more we could have sent two children to school in Malawi and like just think about it, your coffee everyday can send a child to school. Just one little coffee, approximately a dollar can send a child to school and still have $.35 left. And $.65 can just buy a note book and a pencil and their salaries are only about $1.oo a day so they don't have the money to do that. To spend all their money that they get in one day to send their child to school so they just don't educate them. Just a few thoughts to think about. Thank-you very much for supporting me and my trip.

Thank-you, Jaako.

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