Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's almost time!

Hey guys, there's only 3 weeks until I'm going. We will be starting to pack up and get ready. I really want to change what's happening there and I can't explain my emotions its just that the poverty there it's just so incredible. I just want to make Malawi a different country and just get to know the people. And be able to help them and buy them what they need. And just help all the orphaned children. I really can't wait.

And just today we got a $243.33 donation from the daycare at the college named Family and Children Centre!! And just think about a day care giving $243.00. LIke God is working something here. Thank-you so much daycare for your support. I had alot of fun meeting them today. Right now God has His eye on Malawi. Like Madonna, Unicef, me and others are helping Malawi. I thank you all for supporting me . Just remember that the money is going to a good cause. Bye for now.



Pirkko said...

Hi Jaako,

Bless you!! I am so proud of you!!

I know that God has put that passion in your heart for Malawi, and the desire to help the children there. And I know that He will help you fulfill the vision that He gave you, because it's truly His heart!!

Love and kisses, Mummo

Jim Gamble said...

Merry Christmas..."Jaako" in your Dream...and always believe in true to yourself...and others will be true to you...I sure miss helping out withn your mission...but I did what it was I could think of to my young friend...keep on keeping on as they safe during your trip to Malawi...and may God smile upon you always...your are a blessing...this I know for will the people of Malawi...see that when in fact they meet you in person...all the very best that life has to offer you young man...and keep up with your is not over until it is they say...and one day I am going to find out who they really are.

Sincerely yours,
The Cat with the Hat...that I got from your church..Happy New Year also to you and your family.

Jim Gamble
Bushnell, Florida USA and
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada