Saturday, December 16, 2006

Buttons and Blog

Hey Guys,

Just so you know it has been me writing these blogs sometimes my mom will type it and I'll say it because it goes alot faster. The only time my mom writes is if she writes from Sue. I hope that you know that it is true because it is.

And lately we have been making buttons, they will be sold at Maltese, Primary Photo, Shear Heaven, Home Hardware and at our church. The buttons are $2.00 each and they say my website on them. The net one.

I hope to make a big change in Africa. It's in exactly in 4 weeks . I just ask that you support me and my mission. Also, lately there was a girl that came to my mom's office, she said that I inspired her and when she gets through university she's going to go to Africa and teach and she's 18 year old and she said that she left a little donation for us and she gave us $1,000!!! So God is really working this out. Bye for now.

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