Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hi from Jaako's little Sister Janika

I think Jaako's very lucky because Jesus told him to go to Africa. And I hope that he has a good time there and the kids in Africa get a lot of toys and stuff from everybody and I hope that Jaako will bring lots of food for everybody in Malawi and I hope that the kids will get to be Jaakos friends. And I hope everybody will help somehow in Jaakos' fundraising, and that's all!!

Love Janika, (7 yrs old) (my mom typed what I told her to)


Kellie said...

That is a nice post Janika. I like the pink letters. I pray for all those things for Jaako and Malawi too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaako,
This is your Classmate Kylee.