Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey Guys

Thank-you to everybody who came out to the Musical Cafe. We had a really fun night and we heard lots of good music. I especially want to thank my Dad Andrew, my Mom Sue, Joy, Karen, Cherie, Erinn, Debbie and the others who helped the cafe happen. Thanks to everybody who baked and to all the musicians that performed. It was really fun meeting you.
We made $1200 that night and I sold an extra $100 of baking on Sunday that was left over!! We now have raised a little over $15,000!!! Don't forget to buy or order your t-shirts and caps!! The more people wearing them, the more people will see them and ask what is happening. Time is short but I know in my heart that God has $800,000 for Malawi! Please let everybody you know about my blog and tell them to send it on and them to send it on. If you want to be on my email update list, send me your email address to hopeformalawi@yahoo.ca and you'll get updates every now and then and materials that you can hand out.
Thanks everybody. God Bless You!!!!

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Barb K-M said...

I really enjoyed seeing the turnout of people at the Musical Cafe. Besides the great variety of musical styles we heard, it was great to see Thunder Bay folks coming out to support a worthy cause and networking with others who they might not otherwise have met, were it not for Jaako's goal! That's cool.