Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hey there, things are going great. We've got around $12,000 raised so far. We will be having another big fundraiser on Saturday, November 25th. And it will be a musical cafe with local musicians and it will be only $5.00 at the door. It will be held at Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship at 515 N. Syndicate Ave. There will be coffee and desserts. Oops I forgot one thing, just come out and have fun!!!


Kellie said...

hey Jaako, we'll be there. just checked out the new website. it looks real good. Looking forward to getting it out there to all my internet connections as soon as it is done. It needs a link to your blog.

We're praying for you.
kellie and family

Saija said...

YAY, for the Lord's work ...

blessings to you!