Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Poor man with an infected finger

As you can tell by the title, I will be talking about a man we met with a very badly infected finger. Our first set of remote villages we went to, we met him and Clint being a nurse said that if he didn't get medical attention the infection could spread and maybe result in death. Sadly, I don't know how, but we just left the village and we just felt so guilty that we had a team meeting and decided that we would go out there, get that man and pay for his medical attention. So we drove out to the village today and met with his sons and wife and they said he had already left by foot in the morning and he wouldn't have just tooken the main road he would have tooken short cuts and all the paths. So we squeezed in his son and he showed us the way. It was a very big adventure. While we passed the small villages, we would throw candies out the windows for the kids. Finally we had found him and we prayed for him and asked him if we could pour some water that we had prayed over - over his hand. So we squeezed him in and we drove him to the hospital. Finally when we got to the hospital, it turns out we had to wait for an hour -which turned into many. We waited as long as we could but finally we just had to give him some money to cover his expenses, a ride back and to just bless him. And so we were off. We felt so good that we helped this man and hopefully we can figure out how everything went and hopefully it's good. I won't be able to write to you for a few days for where I'm going there will be no internet. I'll write as soon as possible. God Bless you.


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