Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting Prepared

So, some of you guys are going to wonder what it is about from the title, we really are going to sleep in a village hut tonight. Well, that is our time zone here. We bought 5 mats for the team that are made of straw and aren't even a centimeter thick that we will sleep on. Earlier today, we visited the last few pre-schools in the Mangochi area and some of the kids were so terrified, because out where we were they've never seen a white person because it so far away from the central big cities. They were so scared that they were squirming out of their mother's arms like nothing!! Man, I never knew a little child was capable of running that fast!! She just zoomed away from me!!

Yesterday, we visited a group that were HIV positive. There was eight adults and two babies. And it was very hard for the mother's with the babies because they weren't suppose to nurse their child but they had no choice because babies need milk. So we thought about it and we decided that we should give them some money to get milk for the babies and so that everybody can be strong and well nourished. And we are thinking and praying about how much more we should leave them with.

This will be my last blog until I am back in Lilongwe, but if I can I will write to you as soon as possible. Bye for now.


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