Sunday, March 30, 2008

Booked and Confirmed!!

From the title as you may tell our flights are booked and we are going FOR SURE!!!! We are planning on helping more with Hope (our nursing student). She is still in nursing school and she has just transferred schools. Our plan is to educate nurses and Doctors so that we can open up a clinic. We have 3 more fundraisers and they are a spaghetti dinner which is April 27th, Bon Voyage Pancake Breakfast on May 31st and a Maltese meat order. We are hoping to change Malawi some more and to really make a difference. We will be doing Bags of Hope again and we are looking for people to donate small toys, girls underwear and other small items. And that is your hope for Malawi update. Write to you soon.

Jaako Polkki

You can email us at if you can help us in anyway or if you have any questions.

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