Thursday, October 04, 2007

2nd Annual Hope for Malawi Feast

We are having our 2nd Hope for Malawi feast on November 10th starting at 6:30 p.m. Same as last year, we are serving traditional Malawian food that the villagers there eat! This time we'll even be closer to the taste as we've been there and they taught us how to cook some of their foods!!

It will be held at Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship, 515 N. Syndicate Ave. (Behind the Dairy Queen on May St.) Come out enjoy the food, see how we helped in Malawi in January when we went and hear about our plans to return to help the kids in June 2008!! We are sooo excited.

The meal will be a semi-formal so dress up and come and have some fun. We will again be having a silent auction with many great items to bid on! Tickets are $20, please call 622-1030 for more info or for tickets!

Hope to see you there!!!

Sue (Jaako's Mom)

PS. We are also having a craft market on Nov. 17th from 10 till noon. Admission $1.00. There are still some tables left to rent. Cost $20.00. Lots of advertising will be done! Call 622-1030.

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