Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Thieves

A few days ago a group of men attempted to break into the property of the Jonats (the missionaries in Malawi) and one of the guards tried to keep them out and they threw a gasoline bomb at the guard. And he is in alot of pain. When the Jonats came back they were shocked to see police in their property and they just left right away to go to the police station and came back with more. Please keep the guard in your prayers. He is a very good man and to the Jonats he is family and he feels like family to me also. So just keep him in your prayers.

But also we have some good news, we are going back to Malawi in about one year, next June. We don't have a date yet or anything, but we still have alot of time to get a date. We are really excited to go back, we feel like a year is too long to wait. But at least we have more time to fundraise instead of 4 months. Please keep us in your prayers also. And I will write to you soon.


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