Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pastor Paul


One of the pastors in Malawi, Pastor Paul his wife died a little while ago and he is asking for a loan to start grinding maize so his family can survive. Before we went to Malawi his son died and his house burnt down so we really want to help this family out. So if you guys would like to donate to Pastor Paul, that would be a great help. He needs $1,000 US dollars to start this. And he is going to try to repay the money that we give him and we're going to try and use that money to help kids go to school. So is it a win-win situation? or is it a win-win situation. Cause the money that you give now will be going to two things, so am I right? or am I right? Thank-you for helping me with my trip and I'll write to you soon.


Cheques can be sent to:

Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship
515 N. Syndicate Ave.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 3X2

Tax receipts will be issued at year end.

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