Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Thank-you to all those that came out to the Feast on Saturday Night!! We had lots of people come and the night was a lot of fun. I got to meet new people and get to know some. Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. We made about $4,600 which brings our total fundraised money over $10,000!! That is a lot of money.

I want to thank all the helpers too. Especially my mom and Joy. All the people in the kitchen and helping with tables and the silent auction did great too. Thank-you to all of you who helped me and my mom.

Our next event is the Musical Cafe which will be on Saturday, November 25th (My baby brothers birthday!!) It will go from 6:30 to around 10:00 or even later if lots of people want to come and sing and do something.
Tickets cost only $5.00 and include a beverage and dessert as well as being able to listen to lots of good music. Me and my sister will play a few piano songs during the night too.
If you want to sell tickets to this call my mom at 622-1030. Thank-you.

We got our tickets today!!! Woohoo. I'm very happy and excited. We leave in January and are gone for about 3 weeks. Yeah!!!

Love, Jaako


Mummo said...

Hi Jaako (& Sue),

The feast was wonderful -- good food, good crowd, good stuff at the silent auction!!

I also want to thank everyone for all the hard work and time and effort that went into making the event so successful. Great job, everyone!!

God is really doing a womderful thing in so many areas!! Be encouraged!!

shawne said...

great feast. WOW 10,000 bucks. so cool.