Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hope for Malawi

Hi, My name is Jaako and I am going to Malawi, Africa in January 2007.
In May 2006 while I was praying, God told me to go to Africa to tell the kids about His love, to bring them much needed supplies and money. I will be bringing them at least 1,000 "Bags of Hope" as well. They are ziploc bags filled with small items such as: small bouncy balls, crayons or short pencil crayons, small note pads, socks, jewellery, Hot Wheel Cars, Hard candy ect. It's like the Christmas Shoe Boxes but on a smaller scale. I want to give a bag to each child that I meet. A friend named Rita (along with others) is sewing up little bags that they can go into.
Please pray for me. The Children in Malawi are very poor and have lost either one or both parents to aids. Please consider donating to these kids.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaako!
Today was a good day at the church for your yard sale. I am excited to see how much money we all made for your trip! I am also excited to see God move through you to touch everyone you meet in the process of planning and going on this trip!
Praying for you
Amy Kukkee

Anonymous said...

October 24,2006
Dear Jaako, Wow things are getting exciting as we prepare for the Malawi feast and wait expectantly to see what God is going to do through this mission. It is an exciting ride to be on with you and thanks for the opportunity to share your visiion for Malawi. God is good all the time. Bless you brother . Joy Prentiss

Rita said...

Jaako, You're one of my heroes! praying for you and for your mission. Blessings to you.